2014 Color Trends for your Custom Home

Just as the year is coming to a close and many begin to think about what the future may bring, the future of 2014 color trends are already here. Planning color for your custom construction project or custom home is just as important as planning other details for the year 2014 and one that you will have to look at every day in your custom home.

2014 Color Trends

When planning on painting your custom construction project or custom home, keep in mind that while the vibrant Caribbean pink shade may be your favorite color now, you will have to see that shade of paint every day. A popular choice for 2014 color trends is going with neutral colors. Neutral colors, while some may call them safe, are traditional and comforting to many. When using this 2014 color trend, you can jazz up a neutral wall color with unique furniture pieces or fabrics in the room.

According to Denise Turner, founder of Color Turner and color expert, “after September 11th blue surged in popularity” and has remained on the forefront of 2014 color trends. From light airy blues to deep water blues, blue is a popular color being found in more custom construction projects and custom homes. For many blue evokes feelings of calmness and consistency.

Custom Construction| Custom Home| 2014 Color Trends

Dark Brown
While many are turning to neutrals when painting their custom construction projects or custom homes, dark brown is also on the forecast for 2014 color trends. While technically neutral, chocolate or dark browns pop just a bit more without the commitment of a bold black paint or accessory. Popular shades of dark brown on the rise include cinnamon and auburn shades.

Colors to Avoid

While several shades are looking great for 2014 color trends, there are other hues that are not quite as popular in this upcoming year. Avoiding some of these colors on your custom construction project or custom home will keep you in the 2014 color trends.

Pops of this bright hue, is not on the radar for 2014 color trends. While the sunny sided yellows may be a favorite among custom homes in Europe, in America yellows are a tad too bright next to the other 2014 color trends.

Custom Construction| Custom Home| 2014 Color Trends

This is also a miss on the 2014 color trends radar. While earth tones like deep pumpkin colored oranges can still be seen, they will only be popular as accent colors in 2014. Instead of burnt oranges more people will opt for darker browns in 2014.

When planning your custom construction project or custom home, keep in mind not only the 2014 color trends but color schemes that you will enjoy and love for the long haul. J. Scull Custom Homes, leader in custom construction and custom homes, is here to help you create you dream custom home or custom construction project. With our expertise in building, knowledge of custom homes, and love for making people’s dreams come true – we strive daily to continue to build excellent custom homes. To start building your dream home today, contact J. Scull Custom Homes at 605.342.2379.