Organic Lawn Care Tips for your Custom Home

With spring finally here, how is your landscape around your custom home? If your custom home’s yard isn’t in the pristine green condition that you are looking for have you considered organic lawn care? Organic lawn care is a great way to get your yard and landscape back to the beauty it was before winter. Following these easy organic lawn care tips will have your custom home’s yard looking picture perfect in no time.

Lawn Care Tip #1

One top organic lawn care tip is to compost your yard. Composting your yard with fine textured compost will break down easily in your yard and quickly, due to the natural elements. Chemical based fertilizer does not allow your lawn or flowers to get natural nutrients but instead harsh chemicals. These harsh chemicals can even kill your custom home’s lawn or landscape. Chemical fertilizers also can stain your sidewalk, concrete, or patio. Compost will not because it is made from natural components like kitchen scraps.

top view of lawn mower_sitting in grass

Lawn Care Tip #2
With lawn mowers contributing to 10% of air pollution, it is easy to see how they could have a negative impact on your custom home’s lawn. Instead practice organic lawn care by smart mowing. Smart mowing is an easy organic lawn care tip, that will not only help your custom home’s landscape stay in tip-top condition but help the environment. To practice smart mowing, ensure that your blades on your mower are sharp. This helps with fuel efficiency. You should also never mow more than 1/3 of your custom home’s grass because cutting your lawn too short could kill your grass, resulting in brown grass or even bare patches. Be sure to also mow when you know it is going to rain soon, this way your custom home’s yard will stay fresh and green longer.

Lawn Care Tip #3
No one likes pesky weeds sprouting amongst the beautiful green grass. Instead of killing weeds with harsh chemicals, opt for the organic lawn care way! First, understanding why weeds are growing is the main way to stop them from growing. Weeds will continually grow back until the soil is changed. If you are spotting yellow dandelions, this could mean your custom home’s lawn has too much magnesium and not enough calcium. Do you have plantains popping up in your custom home’s yard? This is a dead giveaway that your soil has too much clay. If you are still having problems with weeds even after switching your soil, you can use chemically free pesticides on your custom home’s yard. Avoiding these harsh chemicals will not only be better for your yard and plants, but for the health of you, your children, and even pets. Studies have shown that children who play in areas of lawns that have been treated with chemical pesticides are more likely to have health problems such as asthma.


Lawn Care Tip #4
Before deciding on your custom home’s landscape you should do your research on different types of grass and plants to compliment your custom home. By understanding the different types of grass or plants that do better in your specific climate, soil type, or even shade needs, you will be able to help your yard flourish. Some grass does better in sunny areas where others thrive in shade and some need plenty of rainfall while others grow even in droughts. Find what grass and plants will work for you and your custom home’s lawn to be able to maintain your landscape the best.

These organic lawn care tips are sure to keep your custom home’s lawn looking lush and green, just in time for spring. Want more information on custom homes in Rapid City or trying to decide how to design your dream home and be environmentally conscious? Contact Custom Homes by J. Scull today, your Rapid City custom home builder. Custom Homes by J. Scull not only specializes in custom homes in Rapid City and the Black Hills, but in energy efficient custom homes. Custom Homes by J. Scull utilizes the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) System, a Green Building Rating System developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED encourages the adoption of sustainable green homes and development practices while providing guidelines and requirements for homes. Let Custom Homes by J. Scull build your dream home and help you and your family be environmentally conscious.