Building a Water Garden for your Custom Home

With all this beautiful sunshine and weather, many people have gotten into the landscaping and gardening mood! Update your custom home’s lawn with a beautiful do-it-yourself water garden! Building a water garden may seem complicated, but in fact with these easy steps it is a breeze. Make your custom home’s lawn even more special this season by building a water garden.

Building a Water Garden | Custom Home

Worried you don’t have room for a large water garden, the time to complete one, or the money to invest? Don’t worry, building a water garden on a smaller size will not only fit your budget but bring just as much beauty to your custom home’s landscape.

Steps to Building a Water Garden

What You’ll Need
• Water plants
• Fish or other aquatic life
• Wooden whiskey barrel (at least 12 inches deep)
• Staple gun and staples
• Bricks or pots
• Heavy duty plastic liner (at least 6 mm thick)
• Scissors

1. Find a level spot to put your water garden. Once you fill your container it will be hard to move, so doing this beforehand is essential.
2. Next line your plastic in your container and smooth it on the bottom of the barrel. Have your liner fit your container and allow for 12 inches of access liner at the top of your barrel.
3. Add water to your container half-way. The plastic liner should smooth out because of the water and you will need to trim the liner so only two inches are above the top of the container.
4. Fold the extra liner inside your barrel, like a hem, and use your staple gun to staple it in place. Staple every 2-3 inches to line the rim of the barrel.
5. Fill the rest of your container with water, until it is about 2 inches beneath the staples. This allows for water to not overrun once you put plants and other features into the barrel.
6. Before adding plants, flowers, or wildlife you should wait 24 hours.
7. Put bricks into barrel, so you can place potted plants into the water garden at different levels.
8. Place fish and other aquatic life into water garden.

Building a Water Garden | Custom Home

Things to Keep in Mind for your Water Garden

• Remember to not overcrowd your mini water garden because it will cause your plants and wildlife to die.
• Avoid placing your water garden under large shady trees.
• Put your water garden in a spot where it will receive about 5 hours of sun.

You are all set for your first water garden! Fill the water garden with stunning plants and flowers like lilies and add a few goldfish for detail. Goldfish will also prevent pesky mosquitoes from trying to get near your water garden. Building a water garden has never been easier! For more ideas for your custom home or how to start building your custom home, contact Custom Homes by J. Scull, your Rapid City home builder. Let Custom Homes by J. Scull create your dream custom home, that you will enjoy for years to come.