Painting Techniques to Change Your Space

Whether you’re looking at building your dream house or you’re just looking to switch things up in your current home, painting can be a simple way to give your space a fresh feel. That’s right, I said it. The dreaded P word, painting.

Before you write it off, consider these easier-than-you-think painting techniques for sprucing up your space or adding flair to a custom home:

Play with Sheen

Changing the sheen, or glossiness/flatness, of your paint can change the entire tone of a room without changing the color. Add a glossy pattern, break the room up with an eggshell border stripe, or paint a single wall with matte – the possibilities are endless! But before you go jumping into sheen experimentation, there’s a little info you should know about each variation.

High Gloss Semi-Gloss Satin Eggshell Matte
Why We Like It Most durable
Easy to clean
Super shiny
Lights up any room
Easy to clean
Moderately shiny
Great for high splatter/drip areas
Has a unique, rich and velvety texture
Flat-ish texture (like an actual eggshell)
Covers imperfections
Absorbs light
Hides flaws
Gives most coverage (money saver)
Why We Don’t Thorough prep work is a must
Shows every imperfection
Shows most imperfections Accuracy required
Shows flaws (brush and roller strokes)
Not as durable
Not ideal for all spaces
Not very durable
Difficult to clean
Durability Very High High High Medium Medium – Low
Application Kitchens
Living Rooms
Kids’ Rooms
Dining Rooms
Living Rooms
Adult Bedrooms
Guest Rooms

Explore Wallpaper Mimicking Paint Rollers

Wallpaper can be a pain in the butt! But if you’re looking for patterns and options outside of plain, solid color walls, there isn’t much else, right? Wrong. In recent years the brilliant minds in the home improvement and décor world have created wallpaper paint brush rollers. You read that right – Wallpaper Paint Brush Rollers. A steady hand and creative eye will win you decorative walls without the hassle of plastering wallpaper. Not only does this painting technique take less time, it’s more cost efficient.

If you’re worried about matching patterns, practice on a cardboard box. Still feeling uneasy? Consider mixing these two ideas. Select a matte or high gloss paint the same color as your walls and apply it with your wallpaper paint brush roller. Opting to use the same color in a different sheen will be more forgiving of flaws and inconsistencies.

Reviving your living or office space doesn’t have to be an ordeal, sucking up time and money. Playing with paint is an easy way to update or style without completely remodeling. For more ideas on revitalizing your space or building your dream home, contact Custom Homes by J Scull, or call 605-342-2379 today.