Psst… Aren’t You Forgetting Something?

Home Building Plans Must Have’s – Outlets Edition

In all the chaos of building a new custom home, it’s easy to let the little things slip through the cracks. Home building plans get muddled, tweaked, changed, scrapped. We fixate on rising issues and big decisions. But it’s important that you don’t forget the little things that will make your daily life run smoothly when it’s all said and done! That’s right, we’re talking outlets and storage and garage stuff.

If you’ve spun into a tizzy at this point, panicking over things you may have forgotten, take a deep breath. We’ve compiled a list of handy things for your home building plans that you may have forgotten or didn’t even know were an option. Here are specific outlet locations you may want to consider:

Outlets, outlets everywhere!

The number one thing that slips under our radar when dreaming up our perfect home, these little majestic energy sources make all the difference in the world. A well placed outlet eliminates frustration and prevents a lot of headache and yelling at inanimate objects. And with all of this growing technology, outlets are only becoming more prevalent and necessary. So if your home building plans don’t include a specific outlet plan, we suggest you re-evaluate! Convinced? Here are a few places you might want to consider outlets:

  • Closets – especially closets in the bathroom or a walk-in closet.
  • Cabinets or Drawers – sounds crazy, but boy are they handy! And they’re out of view, which makes us love them even more. One of our favorite cabinet/outlet combos is placement of a microwave-specific outlet in the cabinet above the microwave.
  • Under Kitchen Counters – tucked away a little more than having outlets on the wall amidst the backsplash in your kitchen but not too far away that the outlet placement loses convenience. Win-win.
  • Garage – this one might seem obvious, but the specific placement less so. Aim for waist-high outlets with higher amperage to accommodate the array of tools and appliances typical of a garage workspace.
  • Attic – you never realize how hot an attic can be until you’re forced to be in one in the dead of summer without a fan. A radio never hurts either!
  • Floor – more and more we’re seeing people put their outlets in the floor rather than the wall. It makes it easier to place the outlets exactly where you need them.
  • Stairs – inevitably, you will find a time when you want to decorate on or near the stairs and you will be pulling your hair out by the end of it if you don’t have a convenient outlet nearby.
  • Fireplace Mantle – while we’re on the topic of decorating, let’s knock out a few other places with high decorating potential and therefore high probability of outlet necessity.
  • Under Windows – again, decorating potential = HUGE!
  • Top of the Porch – this one is a must have in your home building plans! Line your porch with outlets, but put them up high rather than down low. It will decrease the need for extension cords and increase usability and convenience.
  • Garden – you might be scratching your head at this one, but we’ve been assured by numerous gardeners that this outlet placement is genius and quite helpful.

And these are just a few ideas. Get creative with your outlets. We’ve seen some funky application of outlets including a media charging station, located in a common room with enough outlets to line up chargers for the household electronics (e.g. iPod, phones, Kindle, etc.). The most important thing to keep in mind when considering outlet placement, or any additions to your custom home building plans, is what makes the most sense for your lifestyle? Make your home work for you!

If you’re getting serious about your home building plans, contact Custom Homes by J Scull for more information about the process and how to get things started! Or give us a call at 605-342-2379.